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From the Desk of: Dave Mosher

Hello Internet Marketers!

I am so pleased to introduce you to one of my latest Text Ad Exchange Sites with a “TWIST!” So WELCOME to “!”

There are tons of different types of Text Ad Exchange sites out there to help you promote your product, service, or opportunity. One of the problems that exist is the fact that MOST of them do NOT offer you anything truly special outside of the ability to advertise to other members of their site(s).

I’m doing things just a little bit different. Almost every very site I own has some type of benefit that offers value to its Members above and beyond the “Advertising” aspect.

This site ( not only provides you with the ability to advertise your product, service, or opportunity to other site members, you’ll actually have the ability to receive access to almost EVERY tool you’ll EVER need to help you with your marketing efforts when it comes to Article Marketing.

I’m talking about eBooks, Software, and How-To Video Training Series! The moment this site went live, we started off with:

OVER 60+ eBooks ALL about Article Marketing!!!

OVER 28+ Software Programs to help you with your Article Marketing efforts!!!

OVER 20+ Training Video Tutorials – hours upon hours, step-by-step-by-step Video Tutorials by expert Article Marketers!!!

PLUS! Every time we acquire a new Digital Product that pertains to Article Marketing, it will be added to the Member’s Area at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!!

In total, there are well over 100+ Digital Products dedicated to helping you with your Article Marketing efforts.

Want to see EVERYTHING you’ll have access 

to before you become a member? 

Here's What You'll Get 100% FREE With Your Free Life-Time JV Upgrade:

JV Members and SuperJV Members

receive full, instant access to

60+ Article Marketing eBooks

Article Marketing eBooks

10 PLR Niche Article Packages

Discover How To Attract Thousands Of Rabid Targeted Visitors To Your Site And Give Them And The Search Engines Exactly What They Both Want.

Here are the kinds of article content you need on your sites to attract thousands of targeted visitors and to keep your sites from getting penalized or even banned by the search engines.

20 Health Articles Pack

Complete Library of Health Articles in a Single Mega Pack - Includes 20 Health Articles!

25 Christmas Articles 

Festive ideas, tips, advice in our Christmas articles. Making your Christmas a special time to enjoy and to remember.

Delivered in .doc format

5-Part Traffic Generation eCourse

Traffic Generation eCourse Covers These Topics:

    * Introduction to Traffic Generation
    * Article and Forum Marketing
    * Joint Venture Giveaways
    * Social Bookmarking
    * Purchasing Traffic

7 Ways To Profit With Articles

Are You Beating Your Head Against The Wall Trying To Drive Enough Traffic To Make The Cash You Need? Become An Expert On Any Subject And Use That Power To Profit! Profit The Traditional Way With A Non-Traditional Method!

There are a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your site. 7 Ways To Profit With Articles will teach you what is quickly becoming the best way around. Article writing is only effective it is done correctly. With this book, you'll learn all the latest methods that are proven successful:

* Write Articles That'll Be The Most Effective Possible!

* Learn To Drive The Type Of Traffic That'll Buy Immediately!

* Discover How To Write Articles And Combine Them With Social Bookmarking Sites!

* Drive Traffic To Profit From Other People's Sites Too!

* Turn Your Articles Into A Cash Flow Bonanza!

* Sell Your Articles For A Profit Too!

A Quick-Start Guide To Writing Profitable Articles 

The step-by-step report will show you the quick way to writing 20-50 articles every day. You will even find out where and how to post your articles, and get paid to do it at the same time.

Other things you will learn about are:

* How to kill writers block

* Grab attention with your title

* How to create a search engine friendly article

* About the length of your article

* Using a disclaimer

* Plus more...

Article Brokering 

Content Creators Worldwide Love This, Because It's The True "American Dream!"

Article Brokering - Charge More, Work Less - It's What Everyone Needs To Do!

It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s risk free.  Those three components are the fundamental blocks that make up the "Article Brokering" approach.  Let me tell you about just some of the highlights:

* Discover how I reached my profit margin of over 300%!

* You don't need a website to get started!

* Follow my steps as I make an average of $90.00 per project!

* I flip dozens of articles a week, in bulk quantities, for bulk profits!

* You will never invest a dime, so you CAN'T lose even a penny!

* Continuously strengthen your brand!

* Build a bigger list of clients!

* Expand your array of services as you go!

* NO bogus software to download!

* NO risky PPC, CPA or any other transactions!

* NO plagiarized, rehashed ‘PLR’ content! 

Unlike other phony programs that will have you sign up through numerous affiliate links of greedy Internet Marketing "gurus," there’s $0 investments required...

Article Cash Machine

Forget Everything You Believe You Know About Article Marketing - Discover How You Can Instantly Send A Flood Of Unstoppable Traffic While Monetizing EVERY Article You Ever Create, Guaranteed! Grab Your Copy Of The Article Cash Machine And Start Making Money Online Right Now!

Every strategy featured within its pages has been PROVEN to work time and time again. There is no fluff or filler within this ebook. It's time to take action and claim your copy of the ultimate guide to building article cash machines!

Within the pages of Article Cash Machine's step by step manual, you will learn everything you need to know to build high profit article marketing campaigns, including:
* Use simple articles to instantly build MASSIVE mailing lists of SUPER hungry, active buyers! Send out an email broadcast and generate instant cash from affiliate promotions or your own products! (These are the super charged strategies of list building gurus)
* Set up your article marketing traffic system and let it run, on complete auto-pilot, driving in traffic to landing pages, blogs, and websites! Just by implementing my 10-minute 'tweak', you will maximize the performance of EVERY single article!
* Save Thousands Of Dollars in advertising costs by NEVER paying for traffic again! Use the strategies within the Article Cash Machine and unleash a swarm of FREE, highly targeted traffic that will consistently flood your inbox with payment notifications and commission payments!
* Follow my exact formula for creating hyper-charged article marketing campaign so shockingly effective that you could easily take WEEKS off and come back only to find your campaigns STILL working on complete overdrive!

Discover the guaranteed formula for tapping into the most profitable markets, ensuring that every article campaign is focused on super hot topics! Pre-sell hungry customers and send conversion rates through the roof with these simple article tweaks!

Article Domination Method

Get Ready to Dominate Your Niche with the… Article Domination Method

Anatomy Of A Successful Article

Every article contains three primary elements; the Title, the Article Content and the Resource Box (aka Bio Box).  We’ll cover the basics now, and go into greater detail before we’re done. 

Title:  The Title clearly states the BENEFITS the reader will enjoy if they read the article… in this case, the ability to “easily” understand Search Engine Optimization.  It also contains well-selected Keywords. (more on this is a bit)

Article Content:  The Article Content, also called the body text, is both useful and entertaining to read.  Please note: The content is written in a manner that is likely to be enjoyed by the reader and does not read like a sales letter.

Resource Box:  The Resource Box is the area where you get to “sell” yourself and entice the reader to click the link you’ve supplied to get more information.  As in this resource box, it’s important you give the reader the opportunity to learn more through the link(s) you provide.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve got your page properly optimized for your chosen keywords, it’s time to get to the “hard” part: getting in-bound links to your site.

Article Magic

The Past, Present and Future of Article Marketing - Article Marketing is essentially writing and distributing short articles to a variety of outlets, including article repositories, which are also called article directories and article banks, forums, and newsletter publishers. 

Article marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing that one can do - it is also one of the least expensive ways to market a business. In fact, it can even be free, costing you nothing more than your time.

The process is incredibly simple: write an informative article, include a resource box that has a call to action, distribute the article, and reap the benefits for years to come. That’s all there is to it and this is a marketing method that is available to everyone - even if they are new to Internet Business. You don’t have to be a guru to write articles. You become a guru by writing articles.

Article Marketing - A Quick & Easy Overview

Download Your Free Article Marketing Overview Recording & Report Right Here, Right Now!

Confused by all the hype over Article Marketing? Not sure if Article Marketing is right for you? Wondering what the article format is for successful Article Marketing? And just what the heck IS an 'Author's Resource Box' anyway?

The answers to that and a whole lot more about Article Marketing are including in this short report & audio, designed to give you a quick overview of article marketing. Introducing Doug Champigny's Article Marketing - A Quick & Easy Overview! 


* Increase your income with article marketing

* The value of a good article

* The anatomy of a perfect article

* Writing articles it’s all in the headline

* Developing a great resource box

And much more!

Article Marketing 101

All the best money-making article marketing tips and strategies can now be found in one comprehensive, yet easy-to-read ebook.

Article marketing has grown into a multi-million dollar industry that has many Americans writing articles for websites while they sit in the comfort of their own home. The business is expanding throughout the world and will continue to grow as long as the Internet is still around. This ebook covers all the essential aspects of article marketing and explains why it is the most effective way to promote a business today.

Article Marketing Blueprint

Learn how to quickly generate continual traffic and build a comfortable monthly income on the internet by using articles and virtual real estate.

The goal of this report is to show you one of the most effective ways at building a long term, continuous flow of traffic to your websites AS WELL AS how to monetize your websites by simply using “articles”.

Creating original articles that relate to your business and publishing these articles in the right places is one of the most powerful techniques you can employ to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Includes Real-Life Case Study Examples and Results! -- Proof to back up the claims

Article Marketing Content Guide

Use Article Marketing to Build, Advertise and Drive Traffic to Your Online Business. Learn where does your website traffic come from, the importance of creating content, what is good keyword-rich content, how to get content for article marketing, etc.

Article Marketing Course

At Last! Cody Moya’s Article Marketing Secrets Are Revealed! 

Discover the Incredible Article Marketing Secrets That Successful Internet Entrepreneur Cody Moya Uses to Create Multi Five-Figure Cash Profits Each & Every Month & Then Learn How You Can Use These Same Secrets to Send Your Profits Skyrocketing!

Providing Useful, Compelling Content to Prospects is the Key to Succeeding Online Today! Get the Expert Advice & Information You Need to Prosper in This Course!

In this amazing course, you will learn how to:
* Increase sales of a product or affiliate product by using article marketing to create high-value follow-up series for subscribers
* Use article marketing to draw thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world's top search engines
* Transform your pages into an authority hub by providing users and the search engines with high-quality, comprehensive content about your product, service and/or industry
* Establish yourself as an expert in your field you’ll learn how to position yourself as THE PERSON that prospects should go to when they have a question about your industry!
* And much, much more!

Article Marketing Explosion!

Brand-New Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Using Article Marketing To Promote Their Own Business, Products and Services!

If you can answer yes to the following questions you want this course.

Have you been looking for a great way to get more subscribers?

Do you constantly seek quality information to provide to your readers?

Have you been looking for a way to quickly increase awareness, traffic and profits for your business?

Dear marketing friend,

Did you know that article marketing is fast becoming a standard method of promotion for all types of business? It has many benefits. For instance; it is a great way to attract a steady supply of targeted prospects, increase exposure for your business and make more sales.

But the simple fact is most business owners don't realize that it can play a very important role in their overall internet marketing plan, so they never take the time to learn how to use it effectively.

Did you know that when done properly internet marketing with articles gives you the opportunity to increase traffic to your website?

It can also help you build a good reputation and increase sign ups and profits. It also has several other benefits that you can't get from any other type of internet marketing method!

The "Article Marketing Explosion" Crash Course was specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you've never thought about writing and submitting articles to promote your business, you will discover how to set up your own campaign and quickly harness the power of article marketing for your own internet business, products and services. 

You can also use it to educate your members, subscribers and as a lead generating tool to get more traffic to your own website. As I mentioned above this short course is designed with beginners in mind, so even if you or your readers don't know the first thing about article marketing you will be able to quickly teach them the basics of using it to promote their own internet business, products and services!

This Course Comes with Private Label Rights

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn the ins and outs of article marketing for your own business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers. You will be providing them with quality information that will help them understand the basics of article marketing and how they can use it to their advantage.

The course is completely customizable. With a few clicks of your mouse you will be able to add in your own contact information lesson. You will also have the freedom to include your own product and service recommendations along with links to your favorite affiliate programs. I'm even including a ready to go to squeeze page confirmation page and sales page, so that you can get set up quickly and easily!

With this course you'll be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use!

You will teach them...

* How they can use article marketing to attract more targeted prospects, increase exposure for their business and make more sales as a result.

* How using articles can help them obtain a better search engine position for their webpages and how it will benefit their business.

* Some extremely great ways that article marketing can benefit their business in a big way. That they may not have considered before.

* They'll also discover some costly mistakes that many article marketers unknowingly make, so that they can avoid them.

* Plus some of the key elements included in an effective article marketing campaign, so that they can plan a successful strategy for their own business. 

And that's just the beginning. Once they sign up for the "Article Marketing Explosion" Crash Course they will have access to great information in every lesson that will give them a better understanding of how to start their own successful article marketing campaign and they will thank for it!

What's Included in the.... "Article Marketing Explosion" Crash Course?

With this course you will receive 5 quality lessons full of solid information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business! The "Article Marketing Explosion" Crash Course package contains everything you need 
to start using and selling it right away!


* A copy of this sales page

* 1 ready to go download page

* 5 customizable lessons

* 1 ready to go squeeze page

* 1 ready to go thank you page

* A complete graphic package

+ the editable PSD graphics 

Remember, this short course comes with resale rights so you can edit this entire course and use it for yourself or package it up and sell it and keep all the profits! 

Here's How To Order To Right Now!

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am you will get instant access to this material. Once your payment is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will have instant access to the Article Marketing Explosion Crash Course including all of the sales material, webpages and the custom graphics package.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the "Article Marketing Explosion" 5 Day Crash Course complete with resale rights today and start profiting from it right away!

Article Marketing Exposed!

Of all the ways to make money online, article marketing is the easiest and best way for anybody to make their first dollar. The best part is that without spending anymore than the cost of a domain name you can create a passive income that can bring you money from an article that you wrote years ago.

Some things covered in this report:

* Picking a niche made easy

* Getting setup

* Writing your articles step by step

* Creating a resource box

And much more!

Article Marketing For Content & Profit

Article Marketing Is Spreading Across The Net Like Wildfire And It's Your Turn To Grab Your Piece Of The Profit Pie!

You're going to learn how to create an article without actually having to come up with any truly original content! And this is completely legal and ethical!

Article Marketing Game 2009 & Beyond

The Secret to High Profit Websites - The Unknown Realms Revealed!

Article Marketing Strategies That You Can Include Right Now To Explode Your Article Equation!

Article Marketing Power

If ONE Page Made You $50 - $500 Every Month, How Many Pages Would You Create...

Make $50 - $500 PER Month From ONE Article!

Then, Continue To Do So As Many Times As You Want...

If you could have one of your articles published on over 400 different web sites, in a matter of weeks, so that they all continued to bring in more traffic, subscribers, and sales for you, on complete autopilot... how many more articles would you attempt to do that with?

This is a strategy that even a complete beginner to online marketing, with little to no experience, can use to start pulling traffic and profits - from virtually any niche!

Unfortunately, as amazing as this strategy is, it is also one of the most misunderstood and misused strategies out there. Most people who use this strategy (incorrectly) see mediocre or poor results.

Contrary to what many people think, article marketing is not about bombarding the Internet with as many articles as you can possibly churn (or spin) out. There's a little more to it than that.

When used correctly, each article that you publish can become an ongoing traffic - and profit source, earning you anywhere from $50 to $500 (or more) per month. That's per article.

Also, as touched on above, some of my articles have been republished on 400+ sites. That's each individual article, on 400+ different sites all bringing traffic and buyers back to my sites without my having to lift a finger.

Article Marketing Secret Tips And Tricks

Kick Start Your Internet Business Today With Some Potent Article Marketing Tricks!



Learn some easy-to-implement article marketing tips and convert your online business into a dollar-churning machine.

According to the statistics offered by, there were approximately 13.8 million home-based businesses in the US in 2005. The figure has risen exponentially since then. Surviving in this highly competitive environment is a near impossibility until you take some sound measures and ensure healthy return on investment. Think of article marketing as the most effective tool in your sales and promotion arsenal. But you need to know some strategies to unleash the power of article marketing.

Google places a very high value to external links. However, it is important that those external links come from reputed websites. Even highly optimized keyword usage and best quality content cannot offer the expected results until backed by premium external links. So, if your SEO tricks are not generating the expected revenue, try out some article marketing tips:

* Enhance your credibility by having back links from other websites and a large number of article directories

* A research by the NPD Group said that the top 30 websites on a search engine result page (SERP) attracts 90% of the total traffic and the top 10 results enjoy 80% of the former figure! So, get listed on the first page of Google and enjoy millions of visits

* Do not remain dependent on SEO companies to generate revenues for you. Plan your SEO strategies that work best for your online business.

* Learn the best practices to use article directories for external links and keep the complete share of profits

* Increase your visibility and become the industry leader

* Use the right bait and draw qualified traffic to your website

* Employ measurable internet marketing tips to convert visitors into potential customers

* Do not allow the so-called experts to take a large bite of your income

* Generate search engine optimized content and lower the bounce rate

* Let your knowledge and intelligence earn for you

* Earn in millions, live in style, spend lavishly on your kids

Article Marketing Secrets

Crank your article marketing into overdrive with a simple yet advanced guide that covers all the bases and will give your website torrents of traffic!

Now although Article Marketing Secrets is written for total beginners, the truth is that it is a full and comprehensive guide that takes both a broad and specific view of article marketing as a whole.

In this well explained eBook you will learn hidden facts such as:

* Article marketing basics demystified 

* How to use the right keywords to position your articles to ensure maximum success

* Tips on grabbing your prospects attention with powerful headlines

* How to make the content of your articles interesting and captivating

* The most essential places to submit your articles to maximize your results

* Final action plan for success (and earn at least 150/day!)

And much much more!

Article Marketing Secrets (01)

If you're not using article marketing to spread the word about your Internet business, then you're missing out. This strategy is that time-tested, cost-effective, and proven to produce results.

But despite its popularity as an Internet marketing business-builder, many online business owners are not implementing article marketing correctly. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the best way to distribute articles and use them to drive traffic to your website.

You can dispel the myths and misunderstandings when you get a copy of “Article Marketing Secrets.”  You'll learn the right strategies for:

  • Generating high-quality traffic
  • Finding the best keywords
  • Writing the article strategically
  • Making the best resource box
  • Submitting articles to the right directories
  • And much more!

Don't waste your time submitting mediocre articles and expecting top-notch results. Get your copy of “Article Marketing Secrets” and discover the real power of article marketing to grow your traffic.

Article Marketing Strategies

A step by step guide on how to use article marketing to drive targeted visitors to your website.

Inside you'll learn how to:

* get thousands of high quality visitors every single month

* Seven things NOT to do with your articles

* How to become an "instant idea powerhouse" (Never again suffer writer's block)

* How to craft an eye-catching, throat-grabbing HOOK of an article title

* Sure fire ways on how to create a compelling, cannot-resist resource box

* Harnessing the power of a press release

Article Marketing Superhero

Are you ready to quickly attract loyal followers while simplifying your strategy down to its core?

Find Out How You Can Quickly Be An Article Marketing Superhero - Even If You're Brand New To Internet Marketing!

The single most powerful strategy for building web presence, credibility and trust!

Introducing - Article Marketing Superhero -  If you're new to internet marketing or you've simply never been involved with article marketing before you're missing out on one of the most compete and effective tools that any online marketer can use!

Well the little-known truth is, there’s more than one way to start a focused, targeted Article Marketing campaign.

You need to be earning money now - as in today!

Article Traffic Blitz


* The #1 critical component of a profitable article marketing strategy and how to exploit directories for INSTANT and UNLIMITED traffic!

* How to get quality 'clicks' to your author's resource box by including this ONE powerful component!

* The fastest way to total niche domination using the power of optimized articles!

* The truth about "duplicate content" and how you can save time and money with this one powerful strategy that works instantly!

* How to instantly monetize your article campaigns to generate maximum profits!

And Much, Much More!

Article Wizard

Every Internet marketer lives on traffic, whether paid or free. But beginning Internet marketers are typically short on know-how and finances, so it's hard to gain traction online and start attracting traffic. The best solution for this challenge has been around for a while, but as a strategy it's often misunderstood. We're talking about article marketing and how it can build your Internet business for free.

There's a lot of information published online about article marketing, but much of it leaves out the most crucial steps you need to get started. “Article Wizard” will show you exactly what to do, even if your website is getting absolutely no traffic at all. In simple everyday terms you'll learn:

  • an introduction to article marketing
  • how backlinks grow your traffic
  • three keys for your bio box
  • tips on writing headlines
  • strategies for great articles
  • how to write for SEO
  • building your business passively
  • and much more.

I should warn you: for most people, article marketing is a lot of work. You can outsource almost any task related to your Internet business, but at the beginning you'll probably need to write the articles yourself.  The tips in “Article Wizard” will show you how to get started and avoid the most common pitfalls as you focus on article marketing and watch your traffic steadily grow.

Article Writer's Cheat Sheet

Congratulations on getting your hands on my Article Writer’s Cheat Sheet! While article marketing provides many benefits, the tips contained in this cheat sheet will help you maximize your efforts.

If they don’t like your article, or if they break the “Terms and Conditions” set by the directory, they won’t publish your article and all your effort will have been for not.  Here’s 7 tips to keep the Editors happy:

1. Submit good, “original content” articles (500-700 words long)

2. Make sure your titles and body content are keyword-rich

3. Don’t include “By: Author Name” in the title (save for Resource Box)

4. Make sure your article is informative… Not a sales pitch!

5. Format your article to 60 characters in width

6. Use a text editor to remove your word processor’s formatting

7. Let your text wrap naturally.  Only use the [Enter] key after completing a paragraph.  Leave an empty line between paragraphs.

While 500-700 word articles are optimal, articles between 400-1500 words will be accepted by most directories.

Article Writing

How To Become A Top Notch Writer

Ready With The Pen For The Pile of MONEY That Awaits YOU? But Got No Clue As To How You Can Get Their FAST And CERTAINLY?

Here is THE deal! This won't just get NO for an answer as you will scrutinize it yourself!

Writing Articles with the perfect professional's hand touch is not at all ENOUGH. The perfect Marketing Strategies that can take your article to numerous world-wide potent and interested readers that can earn you Respectable Money are also quite mandatory. For this very crucial technique, our eBook includes features like:

* Step-by-Step Instructive Lessons for Effective Article Marketing

* Possible Earning Techniques without being Freaked out on LONG Drafts when it can be Conveniently Accomplished by Short, Compact Accounts.
* Derived Advantages for the Writers from Efficient and Successful Article Marketing

By way of following these Simple yet very Efficient and Beneficial features, your Article Writing talent can be glittered overnight, and its not only a claim but a bet that we have with our customers for our Credibility and Reliability.

Article Writing For The Web

Learn How To Write Effective, Attention Grabbing Articles That Everyone Will Want To Read & Publish Them Online?  

The Article Writing For The Web Newsletter will provide you with proven and effective information, techniques and tips that will help you learn how to write and publish your own articles online. Plus show you practical and effective techniques that will help you dramatically improve your article writing fast. 

Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Information That Will Help You Start Writing & Publishing Your Own Articles Online Right Away? 

You will also learn some great tips and techniques that you can use to hone your writing skills, publish faster, attract more readers, and keep publishers coming back for more! 

You learn things like:

* Simple to follow steps that will show you how you can start writing your first article today.

* Practical and effective techniques that will help you dramatically improve your article writing fast.

* Why writing articles are one of the best forms of advertising and an excellent tool for promoting your internet business.

* How to effectively use articles as SEO tools to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog.

* Common and costly mistakes you should avoid making when submitting your articles online.

* A simple process for submitting your articles to online directories and publishers. 

And that's just the beginning.

Article Writing Secrets

Here is just a small list of what you will learn after you get your hands on the 'Article Writing Secrets' ebook :

The absolute fastest and easiest way to pump out as many high quality, rich content articles as possible (this technique will have you pumping out dozens of high quality articles every single day - imagine all the things you will be able to do with all that content!)

Exactly where to go to find inspiration, ideas and knowledge for your articles (these are some great resources you can use in order to never be stuck for things to write about)

The easy and simple way to insure your articles look like they were written by professionals, and insure they get accepted to all the ezines and newsletters you want to submit them to (if you don't do this, you could be loosing out on A LOT of publicity!)

Exactly how to write great articles to generate a viral monthly income!

And many, many other ways you can profit from writing high quality, content rich articles!

Article Writing Super Secrets

Liz Tomey provides a comprehensive, in-depth look at the article marketing process in her e-book where you'll learn things like :

- How to position your next 300 to 400 words to be the ultimate profit-puller for your Internet Business!

- What a winning article really, really is like -

- Seven (7) easy-to-follow but profoundly powerful tips on cranking as much profit as possible from writing an article masterpiece!

- How to get a friend, colleague or neighbor to do the article writing for you...

- The five (5) profit centers you can tap into for cash - with the same articles you've written.
- How to maximize the viral effect and encourage your readers and affiliate army to spread and share your articles with their contacts.

And much more...

Article Writing Tips

Turn Words Into Traffic:

Writing articles and submitting them to free article directories is one of the most effective methods for promoting a business. By writing articles, you can brand yourself as an expert, advertise for free through your resource boxes, boost your sales, increase your profits, promote affiliate programs, boost your page rank and get more traffic to your website. Read these tips if you want to turn your words into traffic.

First Paragraph:

In the first paragraph, you should explain what the article is about. Make sure the information is clear and you should offer a solution to a problem. You can use shocking facts to engage your reader. In addition, the content should be interesting and it should inspire curiosity. Please note that the first paragraph is very important and it should be unique. If your articles are too similar to other articles, people are not going to read them.

Short Paragraphs:

Next, it is important that you break up your text into paragraphs because it is easier to digest. You should create short paragraphs because they are easier to follow. Use 4-5 sentences for each paragraph. You can use subheads for each paragraph if you like.

Use The Active Voice:

In addition, you should always use the active voice. Start sentences with action verbs, and cut out unnecessary wording. Avoid repeating points that you have already discussed. The active voice is easier to read and it engages the reader.

Valuable Information:

In addition, you should provide readers with valuable information. No one likes to read a boring article, and people don't like to read articles that contain information that they have read a million times. Do research if you need to, and make sure you provide valuable insight and information that most people do not already know. Don't be too vague with your articles and give people all the details for your topic.

Proofread Carefully:

Additionally, you need to proofread your articles carefully. Grammar mistakes look unprofessional and they will annoy your readers. Check for accurate spelling, punctuation and word choice. Make sure the facts you offer are accurate and check them if you need to.

Articles Into Videos

Find Out How To Turn Your Articles Into Videos With The Click Of A Button!

Video marketing is the wave of the future, but so many people just don't know how to create videos. They're afraid it takes some kind of advanced technical knowledge, so they don't even try. But it's a lot easier than you think to integrate your article marketing with video marketing for even more traffic! The FREE Articles Into Videos reports can show you how!

Look at a few of the things you will learn:

* Why video marketing is absolutely vital to your business, and why you should start using it right now!

* How to greatly multiply your traffic by integrating all of your articles into videos!

* How to use video marketing effectively in order to take advantage of millions of potential visitors!

* The brain-dead easy way to turn articles into videos with the click of a mouse... REALLY!

And that's barely scratching the surface of what you will learn in this incredible FREE report!

Auto Article Backlinks

Article marketing for fully automated link juice!

Awesome Article Marketing

Dominate Your Niche and Get Rich With Article Marketing! 

Article marketing can be really easy and effective. All you have to do is know what you're doing. Since there is tons and tons and tons of misinformation and or completely useless information, knowing how to do this the right way can be very hard if not impossible. So guess what?

Here is what you will learn inside this guide: 

· Why article marketing is quickly becoming the most effective marketing method 

· How anyone can write a captivating article that makes money

· The stuff about article marketing no one else will tell you

· A quick, easy and effective way to dominate any niche with a few words

· Making resource boxes make you money. GUARANTEED!

· The ancient ways of article marketing you'll have to ditch 

· What not to do and what to do to achieve awesome article results

· Maximizing your writing by not even writing the article (no ghostwriting either) 

· The timeless art of persuasion and how to do it with your articles

· How to flood the Internet with your article and reap the benefits

· And a lot more!

Cash For Content

Here Are a Few of the Techniques You Will Discover With the Paid Insider Cash From Home System...

Discover the best paying online opportunities and begin generating income the first day

Increase your profit potential by converting what you know into money making articles, reviews and reports

Quickly learn how to generate a long term residual income by working with the most powerful paying sites

The Paid Insider - Cash For Content System has over 100 pages of the most powerful money generating secrets.

Chalking Cash From Articles

Announcing An Amazingly Simple Way to Get More Traffic and Increased Sales!

Discover How YOU  Can Boost Your Internet Business Through Article Writing and Marketing - Read On To Discover a Quick And Easy Way To Promote Your Business and Get Quality Links To Your Website.

Why Article Marketing Is The Way To Go? Article writing  is a profitable method of marketing your business and getting free publicity. It is  used by Internet Marketers from almost every  niche imaginable.

YOU Can Boost Your Business Exposure And Sales Through Expert Use Of Article Marketing


* How to position your next 300 to 400 words to be the ultimate profit-puller for your Internet Business!

* What makes a winning article - and how YOU can write winning articles quickly

* The four  types of winning articles you can chalk out - leaving no guesswork involved for you... whether  or not you are a skilled writer

* Seven  easy-to-follow yet profoundly powerful tips on maximising income from your articles.

* How to craft your resource box to grab attention. This is the art of compelling your article readers to visit your site!

* Four  little used methods to get your articles written for you... without you having to lift your pen or type a character! This is the best kept secret of top marketers... saving time... and making more money in the process!

* How to get a friend, colleague or neighbor to do the article writing for you... willingly ...without having to bribe them financially!

* The single most important entity to ensure maximum viral effect!

* Seven  little known but guarded secrets to maximize your article exposure  - this is not a recommendation to submit to as many article directories as you can, though I've got that covered too!

* The five profit centers you can tap into for cash - with articles you've already written. This involves a slight change of focus and a dash of innovation...

* How to turn your free already published articles into cash by selling them the way they are!

* How to maximize the viral effect of your articles and encourage your readers and affiliate army to spread and share your articles

And so much more!

Content Speed Writing

The Ebook will teach you how to write killer, high quality web content at warp speeds.

This guide focuses on the writing specifically of articles to submit to directories and generate traffic.

Step by step you will learn:

How to use articles to promote your website.
Researching your articles.
How to write your article fast.
How to stimulate ideas.
Getting your articles read.
Converting readers to site visitors.

And much more!

Customer Tested Buying Triggers

Offer to write exclusive articles (that means you only submit them to one place) for high traffic web sites in exchange for a link back to your site. You could also target high subscriber e-zines if they include your resource box. These publishers will publish them quicker because they will be the only ones with this content.

Create a positive online image. Tell your visitors about fundraisers you have sponsored or that you donate a part of your profits to charity. For example, you could say, "We regularly attend fundraisers and donate about 10% of our profits to charities and aid organizations.

Improve your customer service on a regular basis. Try out new technologies that make it easier to communicate with your customers over the net...

Easy Articles

Easy Articles Private Label Rights - Discover the simple formula for creating killer articles that will drive in unlimited traffic within minutes. 

Here's Your Chance To Get Private Label Rights To Our BRAND NEW Article Writing Report - 'Easy Articles', INCLUDING Squeezepage, Graphics, and Full Source Files!

This Is a Never-Before-Released Private Label Rights Offer For Your Own Squeeze Package. Give This Report Away To Build Your List, And Provide Valuable Content To Your Readers!

Evil Article Marketing

Who Else Wants Private Label Rights To 3 PHP Scripts, 5 Videos, and 1 Bad Ass Ebook For Pennies On The Dollar?

Introducing The New Face Of EVIL ARTICLE MARKETING:

Article Marketing is indeed a great way to get tons of traffic and load your Affiliate and PayPal accounts with tons of cash. Unfortunately, chances are good that YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Let me clarify that a bit... Are you following the Gurus of Article Marketing who always say the same thing? Are you not seeing hundreds of visitors to your articles daily? Are you not making ridiculous amounts of money from your efforts?

If any of the above describe you... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!

Inside of the package that you are going to download you will get a PDF, videos, and all the other tools necessary to put this plan into action immediately. I even tell you how you can outsource the entire process for about $10 a day if you don't want to do it yourself. I even include a video to train the person you hire if you don't want to do it yourself. This could literally be a hands-free and auto-pilot income stream for you. Yes, I said hands free and auto-pilot!

Expert's Guide To Article Marketing Strategies

Not Getting Any Traffic To Your Websites?

Unlock The Door To A Flood Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website Using Article Marketing Tactics Which The Majority Of Internet Marketers Don't Know About!

Read This Letter If You've Written Hundreds Of Articles And Got A Few Drops Of Traffic

Here are some tips on how you should write articles to ensure people will want to read them and click through to your website.

* Focus on keywords in your article that your target prospects will type in and be interested in reading your article. Blindly targeting keywords in your article is not enough. They have to be meaningful keywords.

* Place your article on your blog first before submitting them to articles. This is content which you've written. Don't be afraid of duplicate content. The introduction you write in your blog and the concluding remarks will make the article different.

* Submitting your articles to article directories is not enough. You need to promote the heck out of your articles after submitting them.

* The title, introduction, content, conclusion and resource box are all equally important. If either one of them are poorly done, the whole article will fail.

There are many tactics you need to know to make the most out of the articles you write. If you implement them in your internet marketing, you'll see a major difference in the amount of traffic you'll get. You will finally understand the power of article marketing.

Exploiting Ezine Articles

Little Known Secrets Of The Guru's To Be Revealed! Now YOU can be one of the select few to test drive this potent secret weapon and finally earn what you have been longing to online!!

Exploiting Ezine Articles Will Teach You:

* How to perform groundbreaking market research

* How to avoid too much competition

* What parallel markets are and how exactly to find them

* How exactly to make money online using

* How to write your very first article for maximum profit

* How to turn one single article into over $1,500

* And Much MORE!!

Explosive Article Tactics

Article marketing is one of the most under-rated methods of traffic generation for webmasters. Most Internet marketers are familiar with the tactic of using articles to funnel traffic from article directories to their site. While this in itself is OK, the problem lies in the fact that most of them have no clue how to really supercharge their efforts without spending a lot of time, and money. Most marketers write a lame(ish) article, publish it on article directories such as and then hope for a flood of traffic. 

If this is how you approach article marketing then it is no wonder if it fails to convert to the killer traffic you were hoping for. In fact, you are wasting precious time, and resources with article marketing. This eBook will remedy that problem for you. Once you are done reading Explosive Article Tactics you should be one of the few online marketers with the knowledge how to use articles to drive a ton of traffic to your website with the most possible effect.

FED : Free eZine Directory

The Free eZine Directory lists eZines and other media that allow you to advertise to targeted opportunity seekers, internet marketers and will help you in the search for your target market.

The Free eZine Directory one of the best online time-saving resources to help you promote your business and quickly find your best customers.

You will find over a 100 resources from internet marketing, to women, College, joke sites, marketing, affiliate networks, Pay per Click, Submission sites, Articles, Software and eZine Co-op's.

Prices can vary from 8.00 to thousands of dollars for each ad or FREE. Plus in the process of going through the Free eZine Directory you will find numerous eZines and places that accept free advertising as well.

Freelance Writing Tips And Know How

Kick Start Your Freelance Writing Career, Right Now!

Learn some easy strategies of freelance writing and make your profession a success! Let the dollars pour in without the stress of having to answer to your boss and without moving a step away from home!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for freelance writers is constantly rising and will continue in this strain for a very long time. Authors and writers together held approximately 151,700 jobs in 2008. About 70% of them were self-employed! However, if these figures give you the impression that freelancing is going to be a doodle, you could not be further away from the truth. Nevertheless, you can make your writing career extremely easy with some effective freelance writing tips. Freelance writing offers several benefits:

* With the number of home-based businesses across the US slowly approaching the billion figure, you too can join the league

* Become your own boss, set your own schedule, choose the projects you would like to tackle for the day and enjoy your creative freedom

* Enhance your versatility in writing on various subjects and increase your knowledge base

* Gain an insight into the methods of writing search engine optimized content

* Leave the days of waiting for your salary to arrive behind you – earn as and when you write and submit articles

* No alarm clocks in the morning, no hassles of travelling great distances to reach office, no relationship building efforts required

* Set your own rates and enjoy the freedom of keeping or severing relationship with clients

* Make your pay proportional to the amount you work

* Develop a portfolio of published works

* Take leaves, go for a family vacation or outings with friends whenever you want

* No accountability to senior colleagues

Learn the Tricks of the Trade with Freelance Writing Tips And Know How

There are many misconceptions related to freelancing. Most people, despite facing numerous difficulties in their day jobs, do not opt for freelancing, believing that it is a low-paid option. However, a lot depends on the way you deal with your clients.

Get some essential tips on researching; learn methods of finding and using credible sources to churn out unique articles regularly.

Improve your grammar skills and apply new tactics to write more words within a shorter time period.

Make productive business calls with some newly-acquired phone etiquettes.

Expand your contact list and ADD BIG CLIENTS to your credit.

Change your writing atmosphere; discover strategies of overcoming distractions and staying focused while working.

Learn methods of protecting your copyright.

Discover some crucial facts about this competitive field and take your writing career a step further.

Make your OWN decisions. Take full control of your life and career. Enjoy your profits, FREE OF TAX.

Google AdSense Articles

Learn a wonderful opportunity for you to generate additional income for your website!

Are you a webmaster who needs funds to keep your website running? Or is your website the only way for you to earn income? Whichever you are, Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful tool in a website publisher's arsenal. It enables a person to monetize their sites easily.

How To Create A WordPress Powered Article Directory

How To Create A WordPress Powered Article Directory 

If you ever thought to create an Article Directory site in WordPress, your wait is over.

This ebook and custom WP theme will allow you to set up a traffic-pulling article directory with WordPress.

How To Write Your First Article

How to Start Writing Great, Traffic-Boosting Articles – Even If You Don’t Have ANY Writing Experience... & You Hated High School English!

You're About to Discover How You Can Easily Write Your First Article So You Can Take Advantage of Everything Article Marketing Has to Offer!

Unfortunately, few people are great writers and the few good freelance writers out there like to take advantage of this fact by charging outrageous fees.

And luckily for you, there is a new guide available that shows beginners step-by-easy-step how to create their own traffic producing articles … even if you currently have trouble stringing together two coherent sentences.

Here is just some of what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook:

* How to create attention-grabbing headlines that will make readers feel like they HAVE TO read your article before they move on to anything else!

* How to write articles that will appeal to your best prospects and will send them flooding to your website in no time!

* How to create an article just like a professional – even if you’ve never written an article before!

* How to format articles so they are easy-to-read and flow well on the page!

* How to create different types of articles including review articles, list articles and many more!

* How to create SEO articles and where to place keywords in your articles to ensure you get the most “bang”!

* How to write in a conversational style so you keep your visitors interested in what you have to say!

And much, much more!

Instant Adsense Article Directory

At Last! You Can Make Money With Google AdSense - Learn The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Get Free Content - With Your Very Own Authority Site Without Having To Write One Word of Content!

After months of creating a super to easy article directory script along with one of the most secret and underground strategies, we're finally going to give you the chance to create a high ranking authority site in any niche you want no matter how much competition.

Instant Internet Marketing Articles

Everything You Need to Start Earning Cash from Google AdSense With 37,110 Profit-Pulling Words In Private Label Articles!

We all know that private label products are the rage these days, and they can prove very profitable if you use them well.

Kickstart Your Article Writing

The free ebook provides 9 Ways to Breakout of an Article Writing Stalemate. It is perfect for anyone who produces articles for their websites, ezines or to promote their site or an affiliate product.

Massive Article Profits

Our Comprehensive Guide Will Show You… 

How To Dominate Your Niche - Boosting Your Profits, Traffic And Credibility By Using This Free And Simple Marketing Tool! 

Article marketing is hot right now. If you’re an internet marketer, you probably know that. However, do you know how to take advantage of article marketing to turbo-charge your marketing efforts, boost your credibility, super-charge your traffic and earn much more money?

That’s right.

Article marketing is quickly becoming the #1 way to market. There are many, many reasons for this.

* It’s Easy

* It’s Free

* It’s Effective

Anyone knows how to use article marketing to make a big difference in their marketing efforts, but do you know how to use it to super-charge every single one of these things? Well, we have the secrets!

You see, article marketing is not just about submitting articles to article marketing directories and hoping that you’ll get a load of traffic. You can use it that way – and chances are if you submit enough articles, you’ll even get some traffic from it.

However, if you know the true profit-generating tactics and techniques available to only the most successful marketers – you can absolutely change your internet marketing business around with article marketing. You can make a dramatic difference in your website traffic, boost your credibility so that you’re the name associated with your niche and pull in profits hand over fist. It’s absolutely amazing the things that article marketing can do for your internet marketing business! 

You can learn many different ways to unlock your article marketing potential – and if you do it correctly, you don’t even have to lift a single finger. This allows your business to grow and thrive – and what’s amazing is that this is a completely FREE tool for you to use! Article marketing doesn’t cost you a single thing – that’s why it has become so popular for marketers these days who are sick of paying for marketing that doesn’t produce the kind of results they want!

Unlock your article marketing potential and use this free method to boost your business and profits! We’ll show you how in our comprehensive guide…

Introducing… Massive Article Profits 

Massive Article Profits will show you how to take this already simple marketing method to new heights, creating massive profits for yourself in very simple ways!

Building Your Credibility

People are by nature very suspicious. They’re not going to buy from you if they don’t trust you. It’s just that simple. But with the secrets you’ll learn in ‘Massive Article Profits,’ you will build your own credibility so that you become the ‘go to’ guy or girl for your niche.

Individuals will soon recognize you as an expert in your particular niche, and as such – they will trust you well enough to purchase products or services from you. This is the point you need to get to in your marketing to obtain more sales, more profits and better internet business! 

It’s never been simpler to brand yourself as the master expert in your niche – gaining a competitive edge and absolutely DOMINATING in your industry!

Obtaining Backlinks for Your Site

Backlinks are ‘oh-so-essential’ for your marketing business. Not only do they increase your Google Page Rank, but they will help you get higher search engine rankings so that web browsers can find your page more easily. This means more traffic, more profits and better visibility of your site.

With the methods and tactics you’ll learn in ‘Massive Article Profits,’ you will learn how to get amazing backlinks from your article marketing efforts, ensuring that you are getting the maximum benefits from your work! It couldn’t be simpler to make money online.

Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing

Learn to Master the Techniques of Letter Written Get Hold of The Power of Words & Make The Right Use Of Them.

Step By Step Guide To The Art of Letter Writing: Personal & Professional

Glance through the highlights for yourself to understand what you can expect to find inside the e-book. It will also give you an insight on the steps that will help you master the technique of letter writing.

- Introduction To The Art Of Letter Writing

- Understanding the Fundamentals of Letter Writing

- Learning the Concept of SAP

- Getting Content for Your Letter

- Draw Step By Step Outline

- 10 Important Points To Make Impressive Letter-Body

- Tips To Create Your Letter Interesting

- Art of Writing Important Letters

- Business letters

- Personal letters

The bonus articles will further help you to understand the style of writing the letters and make you a master of the art!

Paycheck Freelance Writing

Finding freelance writing jobs online is much easier than querying magazines, submitting articles by mail, and waiting months for a paycheck. The guide provides information on an Online Freelance Writing Career - day job provides that can be hard to get along without, insurance, structure, and a steady paycheck!

Quick & Easy Guide to Article Marketing

How To Maximize Your Online Business Profits And Exposure Through Expert Use Of Article Marketing? Quick & Easy Guide To Article Marketing shows you how to maximize the leverage of article writing and article marketing in your favor!

There is one time-tested way of promoting your websites and products that you - or anyone - can be achieve for at the price of zero cost. This FREE method can be responsible for boosting your sites ranking and sales by leaps and bounds. This method is none other than Article Marketing.

Spin-Ready Article Marketing

Tired of tedious article writing and rewriting....

Do You Know That There's A *Secret* Shortcut To Article Marketing That Will Blow Your Profits Through The Roof?

Discover secret techniques and strategies to create highly unique articles in spin format and learn how to harness their power to build 1000's of Backlinks and tons of traffic quickly and easily...

The Spin-Ready Article Marketing Guide will reveal:

* What you need to know about article spinning.

* What is article spinning and what is the pros and cons.

* How to generate tons of targeted traffic and backlinks with spinnable articles.

* How to create a super spinnable article easily.

* How to put your article marketing efforts on autopilot.

* Most effective way to submit your articles.

* Ways to get spinnable articles without writing them.

And much more...

Super Article Traffic 

Sit Back and Watch Your Bank Balance Rise With Article Marketing!

Gain Complete Control Over Your Life and Spend Less Time Writing Articles by Using the Features of this Never Seen Before Course!

For the First Time Ever, Beginners and Gurus are on Equal Ground with Super Article Traffic!

Exceptional Bonuses, extremely useful just as the e-book:

Bonus #1 : Super Article Traffic Mindmaps - A Special Mindmaps Series related to Article Marketing Techniques and Secrets. They are really useful to remember the key points to build optimal Artcles, submit them and many other important things.

Bonus #2 : Special Interview with John Yeo - A Special and Unreleased Interview about Article Marketing with John Yeo, that will explain how the best written Articles can help a blog owner to be succesfull! You can learn also his secret article marketing tips & tricks, never released before!

Bonus #3 : 7000 PLR Articles - An astonishing package of Unrestricted PLR Articles ready to modify, just to let you start earning money with Article Directories and Blogs! These articles are categorized for a better use.

Bonus #1 : Niche Explorer Software - A great Keyword Tool, expecially created to give you the best results in Keyword Research and Planning. A great value offered for Free.

Master Resale Rights Included!

The Expert Guide To Article Marketing

How to Maximize Your Online Business Profits and Exposure Through Expert Use of Article Marketing! One way of promoting your website and product can be achieved for FREE. As an additional bonus, this FREE method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income.

The Internet Marketer's Guide To Article Marketing

Discover How To Get Hordes of Free Traffic, Free Publicity and Increased Sales From Simple Articles!

Here's An Essential Guide You Need To Take Advantage of This Powerful Free Source of Traffic and Build Quality Backlinks. It's a Traffic Tactic You Have To Put At The Top of Your List.

The fact is search engines love articles - Writing may not be on your strong side. Article writing doesn't have to be painful. All that's required is a content-rich, keyword- rich 400 word article and you're done.

In this special report you'll discover:
+ The bare essentials you need to know about article marketing
+ The big benefits of harnessing the power of article marketing and why it is a must-have in your promotional strategy
+ Getting started with an effective article marketing strategy, and how to make use of article marketing strategies
+ Four types of articles you can write. You'll never run out of ideas using these four examples.
+ How to optimize your anchor text and why the keywords you choose is important
+ Ways to diversify your articles to offline modes
+ How to research for keywords for your articles
+ Tips on how to write better articles from being "personal" to avoiding grammatical mistakes and 12 other tips to improve your article writing.
+ How to submit your articles to promote your products/services
+ Seven rules you should follow when submitting your articles
+ How to write an effective resource box/about the author box. Your resource box is a critical part of your article.
+ What to avoid in your resource box
+ Going viral with article marketing
+ much, much more!

The Lazy Man's Guide to Writing Articles

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Will Learn Inside This Amazing New Guide :

- How To Write Articles So Quickly And Easily You Could Churn Out 50 To 100 In A Day

- How To Write Articles To Profit From Adsense

- How To Write Articles To Profit From Affiliate Programs Instantly

- How To Write Articles For Viral Income

- How To Write Articles To Promote Your Own Product Or Service And Become The Expert In The Field
- Other Ways To Profit From Articles

- Where To Submit Your Articles For Maximum Exposure.

The Power Of Private Label Articles

In just 18 pages of pure gold you will discover just how powerful private label articles are and how they can help you to make massive profits online. Hints, tips and loads of information to inspire you to use private label articles to your advantage.

Using Content And Articles

Attention: Adsense & Affiliate Marketers, Article & Ezine Publishers, Bloggers, and anyone else who uses content to generate clicks and cash.

Many of you are creating, republishing and submitting content and articles to generate more traffic and AdSense or affiliate checks...

The game has changed.

This report contains some cold truths, enlightening insights and power-strategies about the RIGHT way to use content to make your profits (and traffic) blossom.

Whether you create, use, distribute, or re-publish articles and content on your websites and blogs, you need to give this report a quick read. If you create profit-driven AdSense and Affiliate websites, this information especially applies to you.


Need More Article Marketing Tools?

In Addition To ALL Of The eBooks,

Here's What SUPERJV Members 

Will Find Inside:

SuperJV Members

receive full, instant access to

28+ Article Marketing Software Programs

20+ Article Marketing Training Videos

Super JV Members
Software Programs

30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz

Everyone Knows that BUM (Article) Marketing is a Great Way to Generate Traffic and Sales for FREE - Now You Can Follow Simple Action Steps To Make a Pile of Cash From BUM Marketing! These are the Ingredients for Your Recipe to Success And all it Needs Now is YOU!

The biggest problem most people face with BUM Marketing is having a process to follow where they can select a product to promote, create the articles to promote that product, get the articles online so they can do their job and start making enough money to build the momentum to make more and more sales. 

The 30 Day Plan will get you up and running right from the start and the bonus guide will add fuel to the fire so you can create a REAL BUSINESS where you can rely on a consistent income on a daily basis!

Article Advantage Pro

At Last! A Way In Which Even The Most Novice Webmasters (And Webmistresses!) Can Plaster Crowd-Pulling Articles All Over The Web - And You Don't Even Have To Write A Word!

Here's what you can do with Article Advantage Pro:
- Generate over 200 articles with your name and contact details in the "resource box"
- Allow other webmasters to have your articles on their websites. And you can change the articles without them having to do anything!
- Search my private database of over 11,000 articles and format them in text or HTML with a single click.
- Write your own articles, guided by expert authoress, Kristi Sayles. Just fill in the blanks!

Article Content Spinner

Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into A Brand New Original Article With This Simple To Use Push Button Software! Original Content That Attracts Visitors To Your Site Is Only A Few Mouse Clicks Away!

Article Content Spinner is flat out the easiest content changing system on the market. It's truly, point and click. Creating professional, thought provoking content has never been so easy or enjoyable to put together.

Article Helper

Increase Your Article Throughput With This Tool By Writing More Articles Faster! Perfect for Bum Marketers, Article Marketing and Content Creators!

ArticleHelper can help you write and finish more articles. And if you are using it for marketing, that means more income and faster growing lists. If you are into creating content (especially PLR articles packs), this also means more income for you too.

Article Helper functions as a basic text editor, and allows you to work on articles and come back to them later, never losing track of anything.

Article Ideas Software

Finding good article content can be difficult, but with this little tool you will find it easier, faster, and it will help you get top notch information.

* This tool will show you how to quickly research content.

* Gives you top ten results to get good article content.

And much more!

Article Multiplier Lite V6.0

How Would You Like To Save Every $5 Paid On A Single Article By Multiplying It By A Hundred? 100% Guaranteed To Maximize On Any Of Your Existing Article Marketing Efforts!

Imagine this, instead of writing/rewriting an article in 10mins (fastest land record for speed writing), you can leverage on the same duration to have 100 unique variations of the seed article!

Article Page Machine

The incredibly simple to use software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in just minutes.

No HTML knowledge required.

Simply enter a few details and you will have a perfectly formatted web page.

You can control table sizes, border thickness, background colours to match your existing web pages.

Edit and Change article titles, sub headlines and paste in fresh content at the click of a button. You can also preview your created pages before saving them.

With Article Page Machine's excellent save template feature you can create dozens of new web pages in just a few minutes - Great for use with software like CB Text Ad Generator or Adsense and simple enough for anyone to use.

Also includes 10 Sample Private Label Rights Articles!

Article Submitter

Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission - and it all happens practically on autopilot!

Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

Article Submitter Buzz

Discover How This Easy To Use Article Submission Tool Blasts Your Articles To Multiple Directories In Mere Seconds!

What This Amazing Software Does:

* Send an article to the top 8 article directories in under a minute!
* Imagine the amount of exposure you are going to get for your website with just one submission!
* Experience more traffic and even more sales at your website 
* The software lets you register for all article directories without actually having to go there 
* Easy sign up and submission process allows you to submit your articles in double quick time
* Save time and effort spent on article marketing when using the software! 
* Step-by-step tutorial provided so you will never go wrong with your submission
* The flexibility to choose one, two or all of the sites for your article submissions

And Much Much More!

Automatic Article Submitter

The Article Submitter Used Secretly by the most ELITE Article Marketers! 

Article Marketing is now Easier & FASTER than Ever!

Some of the Features:

+ Submits to hundreds of article directories. No low-quality article directories though... ONLY the good, quality article directories!

+ Automatically creates and confirms article directory accounts FOR YOU! Yep, it even takes care of confirmation emails!

+ Automatic submission passes you the actual messages the directories show after the submission (in 70% of the cases). With other software you basicaly have no idea whether the submissions fail or work.

+ Automatically creates pen names (you can do this manually too) and provides an easy way to manage and use them for each article submission.

+ Allows you to "spin" your article(s) with a dictionary of 20,000+ related words!

+ Checks your article and provides keyword analysis and spell check BEFORE you submit the article!

+ Allows you to submit articles to your own and blogs!

As you can see, this is NOT "JUST" an article submitter! This is a complete article marketing tool with elite article marketers in mind!

It's not a spamming tool though! It submits to the top article directories. It submits to most of the sites 100% automated, but for some you still need to be there and enter picture verifications (non-avoidable.) Here is a list of 300+ TOP directories (don't forget you can add your own blogs.

Content Magnet Article Extractor

A desktop-based content website builder that makes it so easy to build a full content rich website and upload within minutes!

How many times were you stumped when you come to the subject of creating a highly keyword rich content driven website? How about if you can own a single software that can search for all the content that you need, edit them with a built in editor and upload it straight to your website - all from the comfort of you desktop without any messy database installations needed!

- Create unlimited number of content rich website right from your desktop
- Edit articles on the fly with built in editor.
- Able to upload directly to server via built in FTP program.
- Easy insertion of Adsense code for easy deployment.
- Get fresh articles and contents within less than 50 seconds tops!

Content Spin Bot

Revolutionary New Software Creates Unique Articles For Better Search Engine Rankings, More Vistors And Ultimately Make Money Online!

DeskPile Shuffle

With DeskPile Shuffle, you can easily generate up to 100 unique variations from a single source article, batch insertion of your own keywords (for better search engine positioning) into a folder ready for use on your next project be it a sales letter, an ebook or an article!

Duplicate Content Detonator

Now You Can Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into A Brand New Original Article With This Simple To Use Push Button Software That Even A Child Can Operate!

Never worry about duplicate content penalties again because this point and click software will give you a never ending stream of original content to pull in search engine visitors and more sales! You can take your current PLR articles and spin one article into 100 articles in no time flat with this amazing new software!

Equi Buzz

What This Amazing Software Does :

Compares two articles side by side and reveal to you the  percentage of duplicated content between the two articles

Shows you exactly which are the parts that are duplicated using different color highlighting

Saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the  easy comparison

Displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you've chosen

Helps to check on your freelance writers work and ensure all your content are not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines

Extreme Google Pages Bomber

Create Unlimited Articles and Sites on your New Google Pages Sites on

Instant Backlinks from One of the strongest Authority Sites on the net. GooglePages is PR 8

Create Instant Landing pages.

Use this software and the Report Provided to Create Totally Automated 3 Way links to your Websites in a Flash.

Add Articles in html with Images and Youtube Videos simply. Create Full Websites, with the bonus of links back to your own site.

Great for CPA, Affiliate, Adsense, Articles!

Extreme Live blog Article Automator

Just some of the features:
    * Create Unlimited Articles Created on your New Spaces Live Blogs
    * Instant Backlinks from One of the strongest Authority Sites on the net.
    * Instantly add your Top 10 URLS to each LiveBlog you create Instantly.
    * Use this software to Create Totally Automated 3 Way Links to your Websites in a Flash.
    * Add Articles in html with Images and Youtube Videos simply.
    * Unlimited creation of Blogs.
    * Each containing as Many Articles as you like!
    * With the addition of automatically adding your Top 10 URLS. Being Placed within your New Blogs Link List.
    * Of course you can have as Many Keyword Rich Links to your own sites within your Articles!!

EZ Article Brander


Introducing a BRAND NEW software which will cut your article marketing time in half by branding all your articles with YOUR bio box automatically!!!

Easily brand unlimited articles.

Product contains 800 articles to get you started.

Mass Yahoo! 360 Article Generator

Create Unlimited Articles Created on your New Yahoo 360 Blogs.

Instant Backlinks from One of the strongest Authority Sites on the net.

Instantly add your Top 10 URLS to each Yahoo 360 Blog you create Instantly.

Use this software and the Report Provided to Create Totally Automated 3 Way links to your Websites in a Flash.

Add Articles in html with Images and Youtube Videos simply.

Merge Articles

Attention:  Quickly Eliminate Time and Effort Spent Organizing Content!

Save Hours Of Time By Easily Merging A Large Amount Of Content Into A Single Document With Click-Button Ease!

Quickly Combine Your Content With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse For Easy Distribution Throughout Your Websites!

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

* Quickly and efficiently take your articles or blocks of content and "merge" them into one file.  This tool is perfect when you need to combine a lot of content fast!

* Have each article or content block automatically separated using a "break token" that's automatically inserted.  This keeps your articles organized for distribution inside another tool, such as a website text rotation tool.

* Rename the break point token so that it works with whatever additional utility you're using!  This solution is perfect no matter what purpose you're using it for.

* Choose the input folder (which contains all the .txt articles you want to merge together) and the target folder (where the "master" article is placed after it's created).  It's a complete point and click solution!

* Save hours of your time you would have otherwise spent copying and pasting!  Getting your content put together is now a breeze! 

Plus, much more!

My Article Submitter

Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission - and it all happens practically on autopilot!

Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

PLR Manager

PLR Manager is an Article Management system pre-configued for SEO and preloaded with articles perfectly categorized among categories!

Now You Can Take Advantage of This Time Saving and Profit Producing Software Too!

Whether you are new to the world of information products, or a seasoned veteran of the constant online marketing battle, learn how much more profitable your business becomes by using the PLR Manager software especially with these key benefits:

* Never again waste time searching through folders for bonus products to giveaway

* Find quality items with profitable resell rights quickly and begin promoting them immediately

* Stay organized and easily review notes on bonus items you currently own

* Quickly identify items with resell rights for a specific niche (PPC, Weight Loss, Dog Training etc.) without wasting hours sorting through each product

* Use the software as a powerful magnet to draw in targeted leads faster to your lists

* Sell the software to your list for even just $7 and make hundreds of dollars in hours or days easily!
The reality is this software will improve your business, and the businesses of your customers by organizing and simplifying your bonus and resell rights material for easy redistribution and product generation ideas.

Push Button Private Label Article Site Builder

Revolutionary New Software Grabs Your PLR Content Articles & Turns Them Into Beautiful Content Sites Automatically! Finally Do Something With All Of That Private Label Content Collecting Dust On Your Hard Drive!

It's finally easy to create SE traffic & Adsense income without hundreds of hours of tedious website building! You're about to uncover a system that does all of the work for you, you just click a button! Introducing Push Button PL Article Site Builder - Build Easy Adsense Sites With PLR Articles - Push Button Easy.

Spin Master Pro


Here's How You Can Create High Quality, Unique Articles More Quickly and Easier than Ever Before...

Revolutionary Software Suite almost instantly helps you create unique articles, so you get better search engine rankings,
more site visitors... and make more money.

Whether you write articles yourself or use PLR content to fill out your sites and blogs this software is going to make a massive difference to you.

Spin Master Pro is a suite of TWO brand new software products that make writing spinnable articles or turning existing PLR content into unique spun content a breeze.

Power Tool #1:  Spin Writer Pro.

Spin Writer Pro gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

So what is it?

It's a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you're done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.

And this isn't limited to writing your own articles...

Most of us have hard drive full of PLR content that we rarely use because its not unique and if you run it through an auto-spinner the results are dubious at best.

With Spin Writer Pro you can quickly zip through any article, highlight words and drop in suitable synonyms in spyntax format.

You can save your spinnable version with its spyntax in place (suitable for direct uploading to sites and services that spin for you, or push a button and use the built in spin generator to create multiple spun variations on the spot.

Its so quick and easy to use!

If you can use a basic wordprocessor or editor (like notepad) you'll find using Spin Writer Pro childs play.

Check out the exciting features:

* Massive Synonym Library Built in: Highlight a word and the software suggests suitable spinnable words.

* Builds the spyntax for you. Choose your synonyms and push a button and the spin code is put straight into your article automatically.

* Built in article spinner. Just tell Spin Writer how many versions of your article you want and push a button. It really is that simple!

* Nested Spyntax support. Unlike many other spin tools, Spin Writer Pro supports nested spyntax (with no limit on how many levels deep). This level of power is usually only found in high-end spinning solutions.

* Full Spell Checker. Just like a word processor you can spell check your document at the push of a button. Don't risk sending out articles with silly spelling mistakes?

Power Tool #2 - Easy Auto Spinner.

Although I recommend that you create all your spun content using the power of Spin Writer, there are times when you just need to quickly pump out some variations of PLR articles quickly and without any manual editing.

So included in the Spin Master Pro Suite is 'Easy Auto Spinner'.

Just give Easy Auto Spinner a folder that contains PLR text files and an output folder for the spun content, decide how unique you want it to make the content and click a button.

Just minutes later you will have fresh, unique versions of those articles ready for use.

The PLR text files don't have to have any spyntax or special codes in them, they are just plain old regular PLR text files.

Easy Auto Spinner will spit out spun versions using one of two methods (or it can use both methods at once).

And each time you run Easy Auto Spinner on a folder it will produce different spun content.

* No 'spyntax' needed. Just feed in plain text files and Easy Auto Spinner does the rest.

* Extensive Synonym List: The program has an extensive but sensible synonym list. Although no fully automatic system is going to be perfect these synonyms have been carefully selected so you are less likely to end up with jibberish sentences.

* Two reliable spinning methods. Use either or both. And the settings are a doddle, just adjust a couple of simple slide controls and check a tick box or two. It's just so easy!

Spinner Pro Software Suite

Spinner Pro Software Suite 

Revolutionary Software Suite Instantly Creates Unique Articles For Better Search Engine Rankings, More Site Visitors, And More Money! 

There’s really no question that creating and distributing articles will help you generate a ton of back links, improve your search engine rankings, generate more traffic and make money online.

Too bad writing articles can be a gigantic pain in the ass.

... yes creating your own articles from scratch can be EXTREMELY PAINFUL.

If you're doing it ALL by yourself, you could dedicate hours, days, or even longer to write your own articles.

Now, some would say, "Hire it out"... bring in some outsource authors and just pull the puppet strings and let THEM do all this hard work for you.

Great strategy — expensive strategy — but great when it works right, and assuming you have cash to burn.

I mean… to get a "quality" "readable" article you’d probably spend $5 to $10 to have the each article written.

Others would say "why not use PLR (private label right) articles?"

But there's a RUB here, too. Ever hear about the "Duplicate Content Penalty" and the "Google Sandbox?" Yep, using PLR articles runs the risk that your sites get moved to the Google pergatory... never to be seen.

So how can you solve this problem?

Actually, it is very easy:

Use spin ready articles to create hundreds of unique articles with the click of a button!

By using these special articles that are in spin format (spin ready articles), you can pump out hundreds or even thousands of articles that are unique in Google’s eyes.

Spinner Pro Software is a suite of TWO brand new software products that make writing spinnable articles or turning existing PLR content into unique spun content a breeze.

+ Power Tool #1: ”Spin Writer Pro”

Spin Writer Pro gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

So what is it?

It’s a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you’re done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.

And this isn't limited to writing your own articles... 

+ Power Tool #2 – “Easy Auto Spinner”

Although I recommend that you create all your spun content using the power of Spin Writer, there are times when you just need to quickly pump out some variations of PLR articles quickly and without any manual editing. So included in the Spinner Pro Software Suite is ‘Easy Auto Spinner’.

Just give Easy Auto Spinner a folder that contains PLR text files and an output folder for the spun content, decide how unique you want it to make the content and click a button.

Just minutes later you will have fresh, unique versions of those articles ready for use.The PLR text files don't have to have any spyntax or special codes in them, they are just plain old regularPLR text files.

Easy Auto Spinner will spit out spun versions using one of two methods (or it can use both methods at once). And each time you run Easy Auto Spinner on a folder it will produce different spun content.

Tip Article Creator

Turn Any Tip Article Or Any Other Text Into A Search Engine Friendly Web Page In Seconds! This incredibly simple-to-use piece of software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in seconds and much more.

Simply enter a few details and you have a perfectly formatted web page. You can control links, your bio, fonts, background colours, background images etc etc. Edit and Change article titles, sub headlines and paste in new content at the click of a button.  You can also preview your created pages before saving them.

Turn RoboForm Into A Marketing Machine

Are You Constantly Typing or Copying & Pasting Over and Over? - Are You Thinking About Buying Expensive Submission Software? 

Step-by-Step Guide With Screenshots Will Help You Setup RoboForm For Many Common Marketing Tasks, such as:
- Article Submissions
- Link Trades
- Classified Ad Submissions
- InfoProduct Creation Research

Viral Article Publisher

Discover How to Submit Your Viral Articles to All of the Top Websites With a Simple Click of Your Mouse! Submitting Viral Articles Has Never Been This Fast or Easy!

An invaluable software solution, which is extremely easy to use and which saves you from having to submit articles manually to all of the top free article sites - though it also does contain that option in case you want to hand submit an article to one or a few select sites.

Your Very Own Article Directory

At Last! You Can Make Money With Google AdSense - Without Having To Write One Word of Content! With This Unique Article Directory Script, You Can Now Run An Article Submission Site That Gets Other People To Submit Articles, Which Builds Thousands Of Google AdSense Revenue Generating Pages Without You Lifting A Finger! Plus It Builds You An Email List At The Same Time!

That's NOT ALL!!!

Also in the SuperJV Member's Area

Article Marketing Training Videos:

52 IM Expert Audio Articles

Audios Cover The Topics:

* Affiliate Marketing
* Blogging
* Ebay
* SEO - Search Engine Optimization
* Web Traffic

7 Day Profit System

Warning:  Your Day Job Is In Big Trouble!

Niche Badass Reveals His Simple Step-by-Step System That Bleeds ANY Niche Dry, The More Competition the Better! 100% Guaranteed!

Prepare To Be Blown Away! Introducing 7 Day Profit System:

* Online Profits in 7 Days PDF Guide - The Concise Step-by-Step guide that lays all the groundwork out in 7 easy days.

* Day One Video [13 min. 44 sec.] - Undercover Research
+ Choosing the right market is everything 
+ Keyword survival tactics 
+ What exactly to sell

* Day Two Video [08 min. 50 sec.] - Undercover Lens Creation
+ Finally... Squidoo success demystified
+ Google love is coming your way
+ The simple plan layed out...

* Day Three Video [03 min. 49 sec.] - Undercover Supporting Cast
+ The only article directory I use
+ This is the secret key to Google super love
+ The simple plan layed out...

* Day Four Video [01 min. 41 sec.] - Check Your Work
+ Day 4 is simple... check your work
+ I said this was simple.. right?
+ The simple plan layed out...

* Day Five Video [02 min 34 sec.] - Fresh Meat
+ Google loves fresh meat
+ The simple step layed out...

* Day Six Video [03 min. 11 sec.] - The Other White Meat
+ Squidoo's little brother
+ Use it or lose your steam
+ The simple step layed out...

* Day Seven Video [03 min. 38 sec.] - Count Your Chips
+ You should see income by now
+ Food for thought
+ Rinse and repeat 

That's 37 1/2 minutes of pure content...NO FLUFF!

# How to get started with no money whatsoever.

# How to choose a profitable niche without spending hours doing research.

# Why people make this huge mistake when looking for a profitable market.

# My rapid indexing method which will get your lenses indexed fast!

# The important steps on exactly how to set up your lens in a way that Google loves.

# How to make sure there are hungry buyers in your marketplace before you even create a single lens on the subject.

# My secret and deadly method for finding new keywords that are proven to work for your lens.

# How to have profitable niches sent directly to your inbox everyday.....for free.

# My secret collection of online tools and how you can use them too to rapidly increase your earnings.

# Why what you may already know about Squidoo is total lies and mis-guided information.

# and lots, lots more!

Article Marketing 5 Part Video e-Course

Is your Advertising Effective?

Learn More Make More $$$ Spread your message!

5 Part video eCourse on Article marketing basics Video Sales letter or OTO page.

Get Master Reseller Rights to this Video eCourse All about Article Marketing basics. 

+ Professional Video Squeeze page.

Article Marketing Audio Course

5 Part Article Marketing eCourse

Article Marketing For Newbies

How Would You Like to Start Funneling Targeted Traffic To Your Internet Business and Get Top Search Engine Rankings? While Spending Only a Few Minutes Per Day!

Introducing Article Marketing for Newbies Video Series - In this video series, you will learn what you need to get started, how to take dull and boring private label articles and make them so exciting that you stand out! It does not matter if you did not take writing classes. What matters is you have the drive to succeed.

Article Marketing Made Easy

How Would You Like to Start Attracting Targeted Traffic To Your Website and Get Top Search Engine Rankings? Learn Step by Step How Easy It Can Be To Launch A Successful Article Marketing Campaign Today!

Introducing the Step by Step Video Series on Article Marketing Made Easy! Are you REALLY serious about taking control of increasing your targeted traffic with Article Marketing? In this video series, you'll learn the shortcuts you need to get started producing articles that will drive traffic to your website fast! The videos are easy to follow and straight to the point because no one wants to listen to long videos that are filled with fluff; and end up wasting your time!

Here is exactly what you'll learn from these 6 powerful videos:

* Video 1: Getting Started - What is Article Marketing

* Video 2: What tools you need to get started with Article Marketing

* Video 3: How to rewrite PLR (private label rights) articles

* Video 4: Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs to promote

* Video 5: Creating a Resource Box

* Video 6: Marketing Your Articles

Grab your copy of this "Article Marketing Made Easy" Series today before your competitors do!

Article Marketing Profits

Here's A Free And Powerfully Effective Way To Skyrocket Your Site Rankings And Boost Your Profits!

You're About To Discover How To Use The Most Effective Way Of Leveraging On Your Articles To Drive Hordes Of Traffic And Hit Consistently High Page Ranks Like Clockwork!

You've probably had times where you needed information online so you surfed for it. Whilst doing so, you came across articles that gave you loads of information written by some author who owned a website.

So what's the big deal, you may ask. Well, that free information you just read for your knowledge was in fact a internet marketing tool.

That's right. We're talking about article marketing. 

Now before you go ' I've heard this before', there are thousands of marketers who think they know how to write articles to raise awareness and drive traffic to their sites.

But when they write loads of articles and launch them out, strangely, nothing happens and they get all upset. The fact is, article marketing may seem easy-pheasy but it's not as simple as it looks!

Many marketers often make one of the following mistakes unknowingly:

* Simply grabbing PLR material and dumping it into their directories without changing anything

* Making their article sound like a sales pitch

* Not doing keyword research on the keywords that will transform the article into a powerful marketing tool

And they wonder why their articles never gave their marketing efforts that extra muscle in achieving consistently high page ranks or how come the article seems to rot and die in the marketing directories.
Well, today all that can change. 

You see, I used to struggle too when it came to creating search engine friendly, content rich articles that Google would index quickly. But after a year of trial and error, I realized where I went wrong and with a couple of minor alterations, my articles have been helping my webpages propel up the search engine ladder!

And today, I am going to share the no B.S, straight forward ways of pulling loads of traffic and having your articles push your webpages up the search engine page ranks.

Introducing... Article Marketing Profits!

In this comprehensive, step-by-step report, you will learn everything there is about leveraging on the might of well-written articles to give that steroid jab to your marketing efforts!

* Tactics and strategies of article marketing you will learn include: 

* The reasons why article marketing is a highly favored tool of marketers 

* One negative trait you have to vanquish if you want to successfully create loads of red hot articles

* Key word research and powerful, free keyword tools that will help you to easily grab your audience's attention by the eyeballs

* Having Google's keyword tool churn out ultra targeted, lucrative keywords in just a few simple steps!

* How the LSI system works to pick out your articles and some simple tricks to increase your LSI density

* Why the length of your article really does not matter at all

* Simple, straightforward ways to create a winning title that will pull in prospects like bees to honey!

* The four letter word which will help you sculpt a body that entices and hypnotizes the reader into reading further!

* The common mistakes people make while submitting their articles to article directories

* Why using PLR material to create articles may have a detrimental effect on them...

And much, much more!

Article Marketing Soup To Nuts

Article Marketing Soup To Nuts Video Tutorials be sharing with you a method to generate a $100 per day online with just marketing your articles.

Now, obviously this amount of money is not going to happen right away and it’s going to take some time before you get to that level of income.

But this is a step-by-step article marketing system that you can follow, and that you can implement over and over again. You can repeat this technique until you’ve reached the financial goal that you’re after. 

This is a great system and it’s proven to work by many different internet marketers out there. The main focus here is Article Marketing and Niche Marketing.

You’ll be shown some examples of how this system works, so you completely understand what this is all about and start using and implementing it to your own business.

1. Video : Tutorial Overview

2. Video : Selecting Your Niche

3. Video : Keyword Research

4. Video : Writing Articles

5. Video : Rewriting Articles

6. Video : Choosing An Affiliate Program

7. Video : Submit Articles

8. Video : Social Bookmark Articles

9. Video : Final Chapter

Article Marketing Video Crash Course

Is the Process of Article Marketing Eluding You? 

Now you can learn the basics of the article marketing just  by watching easy to understand video lessons. Article marketing is a fantastic type of free advertising that you can use to:

* Increase your business

* Build your credibility

* Provide a never-ending flow of targeted traffic to your business!

If you aren't using article marketing yet. Here's your chance to learn the basics quickly and easily just by watching 5 simple video lessons. Inside these lessons you'll learn:

Video 1 - The answer to the question "What is Article Marketing  and how can it help my business?"

Video 2 - The Anatomy of an Article - in this lesson you learn the basic makeup of a successful article.

Video 3 - Creating Your Article from Scratch - this lesson teaches you some important aspects of choosing your subject that your readers will be interested in.

Video 4 - Choosing the Perfect Title for Your Article - this lesson teaches you how to pick the perfect title for your article, and why it is so important!

Video 5 - Composing the Body of Your Article - this lesson teaches you how to construct your article to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Isn't it about time you become an article marketing wiz? Get Your Free Video Marketing Crash Course and Now!

Articles 4 Newbies

Discover everything you need to know about simple writing methods that are being used by everyone form Guru to Novice - free advertising strategies that will raise you to expert level.

Free traffic, one-time setup, lifetime visitors! Use article marketing to explode your business!

What you will learn:

* What is Article Marketing and how can it help my business?"

* The Anatomy of an Article -

* Creating Your Article from Scratch

* Choosing the Perfect Title for Your Article

* Composing the Body of Your Article

And so much more!

Automated Profit System

Proven System Finally Shows You How To Profit Automatically From Other People's Content Over and Over Again. You'll Soon Be Learning A Special Way To Claim Ownership To Your Own Automated Profit Machine. How Would You Like To Own Your Own Article Directory That Adds Content Daily That You Can Profit From? 

Introducing A Unique System for Generating Your Very Own Article Directory Empire from A to Z! This powerful 10 part video series covers the following:

Getting Started: Learn how to get the entire process started correctly.

Video 1: Downloading and uploading the article directory files.

Video 2: Installing the article directory from A to Z.

Video 3: Adding Adsense or affiliate banners to your article pages.

Video 4: Change Title Tag of Website for SEO Purposes

Video 5: Change Your Article Directory's Home Page

Video 6: Monetizing the home page of your article directory.

Video 7: How to maintain and manage your new website.

Video 8: Discover how to automatically start receiving new articles.

Video 9: Learn and uncover further monetization strategies.

You are going to learn with an easy to follow step-by-step video series how to go from start to finish and setup your very own article directory. Here's a hint of what you'll uncover:

• An entire step-by-step blueprint for starting and maintaining your very own, highly profitable article directory.

• The place to go to download free article directory software that powers some high class online article directories.

• How to monetize your article directory so you can get the maximum profits from your new traffic.

• A method for generating fresh, search engine friendly content on autopilot.

• How to garner hoards of new pages so you can get massive free organic search engine traffic to your website.

• Discover all you need to know to create your very own high end profitable article directory.

Now is YOUR time to own your own article directory. This Video Series was designed to give you the step by step, real, actionable strategy you need to start profiting online with your own article directory.

Big Profit Article Marketing

Use Big Profit Article Marketing to discover how you can wield the power of article writing to sell your affiliate or self-created products.

It's no secret that the key to make money online is traffic.

The more traffic you can drive, the more money you will make. It's a simple equation.

When it comes to finding that traffic though, there are many different ways to find the people you need. If you've been selling online for any matter of time, this doesn't come as a surprise.

You probably know that some methods can be very effective, but those methods normally can be more expensive than they are worth.
If you are looking for huge sources of free traffic, most people will tell you that they are as mythical as dragons, leprechauns and the loch ness monster.

But there are ways to drive tons of traffic for free.

Not only that, but there are ways to drive tons of product hungry traffic who're ready to buy immediately that won't cost you anything more than a little bit of time and effort.

The most effective ways of these free ways to drive traffic is to write and publish articles to different article hubs.

Sounds odd, right? Most people would never guess that the arcane act of writing an article could produce such a profitable response in these high tech times. But it works.

There's no better way to drive traffic and no better way to learn.

Drive traffic for free. Learn how today.

Big Profit Article Marketing Will Help You...

* Write Articles That'll Be The Most Effective Possible!

* Learn To Drive The Type Of Traffic That'll Buy Immediately!

* Discover How To Write Articles And Combine Them With Social Bookmarking Sites!

* Drive Traffic To Profit From Other People's Sites Too!

* Turn Your Articles Into A Cash Flow Bonanza!

* Sell Your Articles For A Profit Too!

This step-by-step guide will also reveal:

* How to do easy keyword research with free tools for big conversions.

* How to monotize your site for maximum profits.

* How to use keywords to position your articles and how to write good keyword rich articles.

* Important features of an expert article and how you can write them easily.

* How to promote your articles and where to submit them for maximum traffic.

* How to convert your articles into videos and leverage them for even bigger profits.

* Easy to follow action plan to turn you into an article marketing guru in no time.

Profit The Traditional Way With A Non-Traditional Method!

Content Publishing Strategies With Jason Potash 

There Is Only One Sure-Fire Way To Get Massive, Passive Traffic To Your Sites & Sales Pages And Jason Potash Is Here To Show You How!

Years ago Jason was a software engineer. He was the best of the best when it came to building online software empires. He had articles syndicated everywhere offline, and his name was THE name in the software industry. One day, out of the blue, he decided to put some of his articles online. Almost instantly, his articles were picked up by search engines and slowly as he built upon that momentum, he started getting more and more traffic. And now, Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason managed to secure his interview that can make a real difference to your online success!

Evil Article Marketing

Who Else Wants Private Label Rights To 3 PHP Scripts, 5 Videos, and 1 Bad Ass Ebook For Pennies On The Dollar?

Introducing The New Face Of EVIL ARTICLE MARKETING: